SoulNate: Natural Skin Solutions

SoulNate Presents a range of Freshly hand-mixed Beauty in Home Kitchen with ZERO chemicals. SoulNate signifies what we stand for- Nate(Natural) Soul(Solutions) made in the kitchen of Moms and Grandmoms. We ensure that each product is enriched with nature’s best without any chemicals. The use of herbs and plants is as old as mankind and extremely beneficial when it comes to our skin and body.

“Our vision is to create a brand so fresh that it makes your skin glowing and happy not only from outside but also from the inside!.”

There are hundreds of skin care brands in India so how does one figure out the best out of the lot ?? And how is SOULNATE any different? 

Have you ever wondered what your skin type is? There are four skin types – Oily, Dry, Combination & Natural; and you should know under which one your skin falls to be able to better take care of it. 
On SoulNate our team of skin experts(Grandma’s recipes) will be personally recommended to you based on your skin type and skin concerns. 
Just like Oily skin type has excess oil secretion, and is usually shiny, sweaty and more prone to suffer from redness, pimples, blackheads and open pores. Which is why Oily skin needs a special oil-free facial wash in the morning and night 🙂