SoulNate: Natural Skin Solutions

The Story Of SoulNate

SoulNate Presents a range of Freshly hand-mixed Beauty in Home Kitchen with ZERO chemicals. SoulNate signifies what we stand for- Nate(Natural) Soul(Solutions) made in the kitchen of Moms and Grandmoms. We ensure that each product is enriched with nature’s best without any chemicals. The use of herbs and plants is as old as mankind and extremely beneficial when it comes to our skin and body.



“Our vision is to create a brand so fresh that it makes your skin glowing and happy not only from outside but also from the inside!.”

There is nothing like a gentle pleasurable bath with organic bath and body products to kick start the mornings or to end a long tiresome day and head to the warmth and comfort of your bed.

With a range offering from a variety of natural ingredients, you can choose from any one that perfectly suits you and your moods.

The values of Safety and Effectiveness define us and we strive to live up to them every day. You can expect to find these three attributing to every product that you purchase from us or will, in the future.