Doberyl Vertical Heavy Storage Bag ( Gray)


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  • Portable Non-woven Fabric Cotton Storage Bag Organizer
    Great for Clothes , Quilts , Blankets , Bedrooms , Closet and More
  • Customized durable 100 g/? fabric breathable which lets air in to keep sheets fresh ;
  • Heavy duty 2 metal zippers help to open either side at a time, you can identify your garments through the clear PVC windows quickly, also close seam creates a nice seal for the bedding inside;
  • 2 reinforce handles of the clothes storage containers for easily lift or moving to stack up and store them in many place, such as closet, laundry, attic, bedrooms, college dorm, RV car;
  • Multifunctional foldable Clothing Organizer Bags for organizing seasonal apparel, quilt, towel, rug, linen, duvet, holiday decorations, etc, bring a clean and tidy appearance to your wardrobe.

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